o.T. Autobahn, 2017, steel, wood, PVC, 320cm x 125cm x 70cm

The GDR border crossing Marienborn during the time of the German division (1945-1989) was the largest and most important of its kind. As part of the exhibition “operation border” the installation “o.T. Autobahn” is an approach to the specificity of the place by artistic means, aiming a further sensitization for its history in the context of current discourses on the topic of borders.

The concept of the work is based on creating a work of art that avoids adding substance to the memorial. Focusing on the site with its multi-layered qualities a part of the terrain itself is formed into a sculpture. Therefor the central lawn has been raised three times at about 3m², a gesture that allows the view below the surface. The walkable objects lead to constructed points of view and offer the opportunity to spend a moment on them, perceiving the area, relaxing from a tour around the monument, getting in conversation with other visitors. They thereby animate the reflection of the place not only against the background of its past, but also with regard to its present and future.


21. September 2017