Departure, 2015, installation, acrylic & oil paint on canvas, 65 x 140cm / 90 x 140cm / 25 x 14cm0 / 40 x 140cm || wood, 300cm  x 60cm


A pier allows to walk on inaccessible terrain. Yet it is not a bridge that would help over an obstacle; the pier leads to nothingness, so to speak. It offers the possibility to occupy a location that would be excluded without it. In addition, he can also act as a link between two media, for example, between land and water. Within the installation, the pier first determines the path of the viewer. He is lead in a given direction to a constructed point of view.

The image motif, in turn, takes up the direction of the pier and leads the observer into a fictitious behind it, in which the traces of the outside world intersect with the life of painting itself. The network of perspective, distortion, abstraction and the material color creates an energetic flicker that radiates on the empty wall surfaces and bridges the gaps between the individual parts of the picture. What happens in the gaps, determines the viewer alone.

The motif of the images blurs in front of the eye of the beholder with the adjacent surfaces and thus becomes part of the room. A dynamic image emerges, in the center of which the observer is located.




14. September 2017