aon nro dt, 2016, plaster, bitumen, PVC foil, water, various sizes 

This work was created as a project of the artist group Various Artists by invitation of the community of the village church of Holleben in relation to the “night of open churches of Saxony-Anhalt” 2016.

On the basis of collected impressions we developed a concept for the exhibition during the “night of open churches of Saxony-Anhalt” on August 13th 2016 and the day of the open monument on September 11th. After three and a half weeks of construction, the opening took place on August 12th, 2016.

We have chosen working methods that make it possible to establish a reciprocal relationship between the exhibits and the existing spatial structure. Central to this was a link to the architecture and material substance of the building. Under the title “aon nro dt”, a merger of the Boolean operators “and”, “or” and “not”, the interrelated connections were summarized, which served as our intervention with the existing structure of the church space, or as a possibility, connections to reflect between the works.

In line with the so-called “St. Petersburg hanging”, a form of particularly dense painting arrangement, flat plaster boxes of different sizes were placed in the church. Each box was lined with PVC foil and bitumen and filled with water. The water above the dark background formed a fragile mirror surface, constituting images of the room which changed depending on the observer’s position. The imposing height of the ceiling as well as other elements of the uprising architecture of the sacred building, in the immaterial space of the water reflections were transferred into depth.

14. September 2017